About TransGeek Movie:

TransGeek Movie is a documentary exploring the intersection of gender identity and geek culture. We interview people working in science, technology, gaming, science fiction/fantasy, and other geekish pursuits; to give voice to their stories. We explore how people express their authentic selves through geek culture; and how their gender identities have affected their professional development.

The Team:

Kevin McCarthy, Producer/Director:

Kevin McCarthy, photo by Lars FuchsKevin McCarthy is a filmmaker, radio producer, parent, and husband. It was through his work in his previous IT career that he became aware of the important contributions of so many trans people to the field, and the substantial challenges that they face. He hopes to bring a better understanding of the role gender identity plays in our culture to a broad audience through his work. Kevin is a straight, cisgender man, who believes we can all learn from the stories of people living their genuine lives.

Sayer Johnson, Producer/Assistant Director:

Sayer JohnsonSayer Johnson is a parent, partner, social worker, activist, and artist. He is co-founder of the Metro Saint Loius Trans Umbrella Group and Served as its executive director for many years. He believes storytelling is a vital part of the Trans revolution and works to empower others to share their narratives with each other and the world. Sayer is proud to work with Kevin on his film TransGeek and looks forward to helping put positive stories about intersections of geek culture and gender. Sayer narrative film about chosen queer family and intersections of identity and family “Intentional” will soon be casting soon.

Mallory Anna Wood, Producer:

Mallory Anna WoodMallory Anna Wood is a trans lesbian feminist activist and writer. She’s also a tabletop and PC gamer, a cartoon and horror film fanatic, and a huge science nerd.

Mallory’s involvement in the film began as a friend and general cultural consultant and has slowly metamorphosed into her current role as co-producer. She adds a critical transfeminine perspective to the production team, as well as keeping the project aware of and involved in trans youth culture and activism.

Lisa M. Jones, Editor:

Lisa has been editing for about 25 years. One of her first projects, “Afraid of Everything” was accepted into Sundance, and a later project,“Fisher Poets,” was accepted into festivals worldwide & received numerous awards, often being an audience favorite.  Lisa has worked on all types of documentaries from narrative docs for The History Channel to reality television programs for Bravo & TLC. Some of her favorite projects include: “Scrapheap Challenge,” which took her to England for the edit, and the environmental & socially conscious series “Big Ideas for a Small Planet.” She is now extremely pleased & honored to be working on “TransGeek.”  Lisa is half Swedish and her favorite birthdays were the years she turned eight, forty & fifty.

Zoë Blade: Composer

British composer Zoë Blade, first started making music at the age of sixteen when she got her hands on some tracker software. Fourteen years, countless vintage synthesizers and several bright hair colors later, she finally decided to start sharing her music with the world. In the nine months that followed, she released her first three albums at the same time as scoring several indie films.

Her sound, as eclectic as the musician herself, ranges from electronic pop songs with infectious melodies, through to ambient music that is at times blissful and others haunting. Impossible to pigeonhole, she draws from a wide variety of instrumentation to conjure up emotions in original and innovative ways.

Lars Fuchs: Trailer Editor and Post-production advisor

Lars FuchsDanish-born filmmaker Lars Fuchs came to the United States as an infant in the ’60’s, and has made New York City his home ever since, notwithstanding sojourns in Europe, Hong Kong, and Puerto Rico. He was irredeemably lost to film at Cornell University, where an introductory film-making course tempted him away from a career as a computer programmer. He has almost thirty years’ experience as a film and television editor, including many years in Europe and Asia. Notable credits include the feature documentary New York Street Games, which he co-wrote, the six-part series for ESPN Guide House: Montauk, the home design show While You Were Out, for which Lars was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award. In Denmark Lars edited three episodes of the documentary series Family Portraits for the national broadcaster, Danmarks Radio. His short doc, “i live In Life” won several awards, including the Nyman Family Project Prize for 2013. His most recent, award winning documentary, “Food CIty: Feast of the Five Boroughs” is available to stream at FMTV.com

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