TransGeek Movie @ Trans*H4CK

The weekend of March 28th-30th, Sayer and I drove to Chicago to film at Trans*H4CK.

Dr. Kortney Ziegler, Kevin McCarthy and Sayer Johnson at Trans*H4CKThe hackathon, which took place at Dev BootCamp, is: “A hackathon and speaker series that radically shifts the ways trans people live by creating technology that economically empowers, improves access to social services, promotes gender safety and community sustainability, while bringing visibility to trans led startups.” The winning team of developers, RAD, got to present their project at the Trans100 that Sunday night.

We were able to film eight amazing interviews with the developers, mentors, and organizers of Trans*H4CK. We also helped Dr. Kortney Ziegler, (fonder and organizer) document the weekend.

Trans*H4CK is an amazing project. It provides a safe, inclusive, and innovative environment for people of all gender identities to come together and create world changing software.

Thank you to Dr. Kortney Ziegler and Adria Richards for inviting TransGeek Movie to participate in this amazing event.


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