Gaming History, “Old Sküül” Style

Occasionally I take advantage of my privilege as a documentarian.  Last weekend, Dark Tower coverinterviewing Jennell Jaquays and Rebecca Heineman was one of those times:

I was fortunate enough to find a copy of Jennell’s D&D module. “Dark Tower” on eBay, and brought it along to our interview at Olde Sküül. She graciously consented to autograph her work.

The inscription is for the members of a D&D campaign lead by my co-producer Mallory.

Jennell's Autograph

Mal seemed pleased when we gave it to her yesterday evening. I hope the other members of her campaign* are equally appreciative of the history and importance of this artifact.

I can’t thank Jennell and Rebecca enough; both for their amazing interview and  their hospitality.

*My production assistant on the Seattle trip, Amelia, plays an elf wizard in this intrepid band of adventurers.

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